Before Midnight ★★★★★

I am giving you my whole life, okay? I've got nothing larger to give. I'm not giving it to anybody else. If you're looking for permission to disqualify me, I'm not going to give it to you. I love you and I'm not in conflict about it. But if what you want is a laundry list of all the things about you that piss me off, I could give it to you.

Yeah - I want to hear.

Okay! Well, uh, let's start at number one - okay, number one, you're fucking nuts, alright? You are. Good luck finding somebody else to put with your shit for more than, like, 6 months. But I accept the whole package, the crazy and the brilliant. I know you're not going to change, and I don't want you to. It's called accepting you for being you.

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