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  • All of Me

    All of Me


    I love this movie. Admittedly parts of this film haven’t aged  as well as others but the physical comedy from Steve Martin is the best of the decade (the scene on the sidewalk in particular still blows me away) and the final scene with him and Lily Tomlin is pure joy.

  • Tuff Turf

    Tuff Turf


    Hyper-stylized genre-bending 80’s fever dream. James Spader is a rebel without a cause who moves from Connecticut to LA where he falls for a girl who’s entangled with a very silly street gang. Featuring baby Robert Downey Jr. in mischievous form as Spader’s best friend. Ridiculous but lots of fun.

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  • Mister America

    Mister America


    Houston, we have a rat problem.

  • The Cassandra Crossing

    The Cassandra Crossing


    Utter insanity. Star-studded exploitation movie featuring a deadly virus, a government plot, concentration camp
    survivors, a heroin trafficking plot involving OJ Simpson and the titular out-of-service bridge. Crass commercialism that feels almost quaint today. Loads of fun.