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  • Loqueesha



    It was free on Amazon Prime so I had to see if it was as bad and offensive as it looked. It is.

    It feels like a fake movie. I can’t believe anybody thought this was a good idea, especially in 2019. It’s horrible in every way. Morally reprehensible and technically incompetent. Not very funny-bad either so I wouldn’t really recommend anyone watch it. Just kind of astonishing that it’s a real movie.

  • Mom and Dad

    Mom and Dad

    I enjoyed two moments in this movie. The first was when Nic Cage pointlessly uttered an insult directed at his Cantonese maid under his breath. The second was when Nic Cage began destroying his pool table and then began yelling about being old and ugly. Everything else was just embarrassing and repulsive.

    The soundtrack is utterly disgusting. Absolutely horrid. Appallingly bad.

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  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    does the academy not understand what editing is?

  • Green Book

    Green Book

    damn.... spike lee really lost best picture to driving miss daisy twice