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  • Wild Things

    Wild Things


    A realisation upon revisiting this for the first time since high school - the soundtrack is pure fire and reappears precisely when needed to carry the film past all the absurd plot twists that snowball towards oblivion in the second half...

  • Leaving Neverland

    Leaving Neverland


    While I wholeheartedly believe the accusations in this, the construction of this film does their testimonies no favor. All the numbing actualisations crafted in the first half are destroyed by the sluggish, redundant second half that works against everything the first half accomplished. Important, but bloated and helmed by a filmmaker whose novice abilities are laid naked the longer the film runs.

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  • Stemple Pass

    Stemple Pass


    "FBI investigating incident. FBI suck my cock."

  • Queen of Earth

    Queen of Earth


    Drinking Game
    One shot for every time Elizabeth Moss:

    - says "I don't feel like myself"
    - compulsively eats potato chips
    - one her frenemies at the house says something passive-aggressive
    - relieves her stresses through drawing
    -laughs maniacally

    Also, bw this and Digging For Fire, 2015 seems to be the year of finding bones in the backyard…deep symbolism at work here.