In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

A total masterpiece. Besides Wong's signature repetitions, along with Doyle's slow shots and the magical sequences where varied frame rates give a breathing quality to motion, Wong brilliantly does what shitty 4D/5D theater gimmicks attempt to do nowadays. With simple use of objects in a scene (most notably the fan in the landlord's room) he gives you a sense of temperature, and of other sensory sensations absent from most films. I can't think of another film where the characters moods, feelings, and desires are so perfectly enhanced by framing and phantom sensations brought out by scenic construction as employed in this film. This was maybe my 5th or 6th viewing, but I always come away with something new each time. This time, in one of the early scenes, I noticed the intense sadness in Maggie Cheung's eyes the first time she is onscreen talking to her husband, who is about to leave on a business trip again. It's clear she has been aware of the deceit of her domesticity long before they move to the house that serves as the setting of the film.