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This review may contain spoilers.

wow. first off i wanna say fuck kevin spacey obviously and that, because of him, this movie did not age well. but his single actions as a person shouldn’t tarnish the work of 100s of other people that worked on this film before his allegations came out so i’m judging based on the film, nothing more nothing less. 
there are several points i want to touch on:
1. the structure of the movie.
i enjoyed the way it starts off by telling you he’s going to die, because then it puts every character around him into question as to how much they truly despise him and how far they will go to get rid of him. this structure continuously had me guessing who the one behind the gun would be, and i was not disappointed to say the least.
2. inclusion of different people to create a holistic america that is beautiful
i feel like this film captures a dated perception of the beauty within america. while inclusive of a happy gay couple, there was obviously no colored representation that could be added into this argument that i would so wish to build from this film. however, for a film from 1999, the complexity of sexuality amongst a person and how far someone will go to either acknowledge it or bury it was interesting to see. 
3. the concept of beauty
using the obvious symbol of a rose to showcase beauty, the film displays conventional ideals of the american dream throughout it, from cars, expensive sofas, sex, and drugs. the film showcase the shallow and materialistic ideas of existence that america is known to be consumed in as a means of self reflection of our current state. lester and carolyn’s fleeting marriage depicts differing ideals on what it means to be happy, lester living a life where he grows more in control of his own surroundings, rather than playing the surface level game of life and faking happiness like carolyn. watching these two toxic individuals move thru the storyline, both partaking in unhealthy habits, had me trying to figure out who was worse of the two till i realized they were equally as disgusting. they created an unhealthy environement for their daughter and in every way shape and form i feel that. 
in short, cinematically an amazing story, the narrationn was on point, character developments were interesting, and lowkey, who doesn’t wanna see kevin spacey getting shot in the head?