A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★½

The Horror of Hoop-tober! Part 1.

And so begins a month and a half of endless screams and ghoulish delight. So begins Hoop-tober!

This is also my first time having a 'Nightmare on Elm Street'. My previous aversion to horror has kept me away for far too long. And I am pleased to say I really enjoyed this film. It really lived up to all the expectations I had for it based on what I have seen on here and what others have told me.

The concept of 'Nightmare' is really cool, and different. The emphasis on the power of dreams, or in this case, nightmares, was sweet. It added another dimension to the scares in this movie, and there was definitely a prevailing sense of helplessness here. Freddy himself is both terrifying and absurd, characteristics of the worst nightmares . His one liners made me laugh on several occasion, which was great!

I'm quickly beginning to realize that the horror genre features some of the best soundtracks on film! 'Halloween' still boasts the best one for me but 'Nightmare' is a close second! The sounds are just so delightfully spine tingling. Not to mention the sound of Freddy's fingers scrapping along a metal pipe.. terrifying! Music and sounds are so effective at setting the right mood, making your hair stand on end.

R.I.P Wes Craven, and thank you!

This was a great way to start Hoop-tober, and now on to the next film! Nightmare on Elm St 2!

Additionally, this is also part of my 80 From The 80's project.

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