Burning ★★★★

I won't make a long, detailed article about this film (at least for now), both because i feel that I need to give it another watch to go more in deep with it, and because it hasn't been properly released theatrically in most of the world yet, but you fellas have to trust me in what I'll say: The film is just as good as people are saying it is, maybe even better. You truly need to watch this without knowing anything about it so in that way you can see the sequence of events in the way they were intended and discovered for yourself this haunting and ambiguously amazing story with tons of surprises that all add to the themes that the film presents.

Everything about this film is exceptional and pretty much perfect, from the characters to the performances and the cinematography to the music, to the contrast between extreme realism in how things are portrait and some oniric, phenomenal sequences that are pure movie magic. This is just an entry to encourage you guys in watching it because i think that, when more people get to know about it and see it, i'll become in kind of a Korean modern classic like The Handmaiden (although this one is even better).

I doubt that i'll happens, but if something even better than this film gets released this year, then the second half of 2018 has redeemed itself from a kind of shitty first half.

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