Annette ★★★

holy fuck i hate when musicals decide to straight up make every single fcking dialogue be singed, you do not need to sing everything, stop.
also i hate when songs in musicals are literally 2 basic af lines and they just repeat it
lets say for example:
"i'm gonna take a massive shit in a massive toilet in a massive building in a massive city in a massive country in a massive world in a massive universe in a massive cosmic dog"
(repeat that for 15 times)
ofc that's not in the movie i just invented it but like 45% of the songs in this movie are just 1 basic thing that repeats for like 2 min and that's the whole song, i hate that.
anyways the movie does have positives like adam driver the production design and the creativity put in it, alot of symbolism too and the main song is actually quite nice, weird as hell but eh it's ok for me, but yeah it surely ain't my thing

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