Dune ★★

i wanted to watch this movie since the new adaptation (directed by denis villeneuve) coming out this year, i didn't think i was going to like it...and i was right, "dune" is a hot mess. it actually didn't got that much right, the story is soooooooo complex and hard to understand and i know the book is supposed to be like that but goddamn this was soooo uninteresting and overlydifficult to understand i just stopped paying attention like 1 hour into it, the characters are forgettable and their dialogue is super cheesy and dull, the film overall is really slow paced and boring, i was never EVER interested in what was going on, the visuals are also pretty mediocre, some of them are kinda cool but most of them are dated and cringeworthy, i know it has nothing to do but sometimes it just felt like a star wars ripoff. i'm not giving it less than 2 stars because some visuals were cool and the soundtrack was...nice ig, but this is still an extremaly boring movie. idk man i still don't like lynch, i'll give blue velvet a watch in the future but damn i really don't like his style.
not recommended

btw there was a fricking cat and a pug in this movie, a PUG

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