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thor ragnarok is a blast, this movie is just really fun, the pacing is absolutely incredible, i actually didn't got bored 1 time, not 1 time! do you know how hard it is for me to never get bored by something, lol. the comedy here is great, taika waititi is a master and he really knows how to make some hilarious stuff (i recommend watching what we do in the shadows and hunt for the wilderpeople), he directs the fck out of this movie and he gives it such a fun personality, the movie is colorful, and i mean REALLY colorful, the colors and the aesthetic are vibrant and fun and at times it even feels like a retro type of film with that goofy pop and techno soundtrack, it looked great and the cinematography was really good. The cgi is also fantastic and the cast is amazing, everyone does a great job in this, and jeff goldblum is a national treasure. Hela was a great villain, she wasn't THAT interesting but she was enjoyable to watch and cate blachett did a really good job (fantastic actress). for a moment i didn't knew if i wanted to give it a 7.9 or an 8.0 but right at the end when THAT scene happened i was like "hell yes"
so it's an 8.0

next up: "black panther"

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