Booksmart ★★★★½

wow, so many different types of women, huh? in one movie even? this gleefully digs into its own vibrant tapestry, a glorious can’t-believe-we-graduate-high-school-tomorrow film that celebrates the intimacy of a type of teenage friendship that i’m happy to see being portrayed more often in recent coming of age films: ladybird, edge of seventeen, yes fine even blockers i guess! and yeah let’s add thoroughbreds, too, those girls were twisted but still also fun and obsessed with each other.

people are comparing this to superbad, but this movie made me buzz the way bridesmaids made me buzz, with its bombastic supporting cast of specifically drawn characters. see how funny a comedy can be without having to call the third act audible of having john cena butt chug a busch light or columbian drug lords show up with machine guns? while sometimes fantastical (i am loving these Choices™️ but the stopmotion animation sequence lost me for a hot second), this movie cooks because of its grounded emotional empathy and its affection for the characters it introduces to us. in typical comedy feature fashion, four screenwriters are listed for this script, but god it felt good to see four women share that credit.

thanks olivia wilde! you made me love a cast of the very people i’m maybe the most predisposed to despise, the incredibly hot and wealthy teens of a los angeles high school where seemingly everyone gets into ivy league colleges! and i loved them so much!

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