The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad ★★★★

James Gunn really puts together a well balanced ensemble. I am le bebe and had to watch some of the kills through my fingers, but boy did so much of it look good and creative and elicit a WWE Raw style “oh!” from me. In the same vein, John Cena was put on this earth to do fight choreography, and seeing him in some of those third act sequences really ruled. Margot Robbie has really fought to salvage Harley Quinn from her Daddy’s Lil Monster days, and between this and Birds of Prey the character has become one of my favorite antiheroes. She even runs in character, it’s all very inspired.

Overall The Suicide Squad somehow rises above the genre, the glossy high budget techno goop comic book adaptation, and I think it’s the strength of the cast and the script, which are respectively very charming and very funny. Gunn threads the characters and the plots dynamically, making it a breeze to come along for the ride. No one dabs in this movie, and I think that’s awesome.

I laughed! I cringed! I contemplated the politics of the movie! I couldn’t figure it out! I had a fun time at the movies!

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