Us ★★★

these themes! and tones! were lost on me! i would love to accept this for what it is, but the stylistic statements are so visceral and specific that i can’t help but feel like jordan peele wants us to feel it deeper than what i think as an audience we can reach with what’s on screen. or maybe it’s just me! maybe i’m just dumb! the moments of dad joke levity versus hyperstylized terror were all over the place! what’s with the tunnels??!

this is like annihilation for me all over again, feeling challenged to grab ahold of a handful extremely evocative visuals and character moments and coming up with wisps. i wish i could’ve felt the way i felt during the recital sequence during more of the film. i wish i liked it more, because what worked in certain scenes really worked for me. also, tim heidecker fucking nailed the jordan peele tone. idk maybe i’ll see it again??? maybe I’ll tear my brain apart thinking about it and come up on the other side thinking it’s brilliant????

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