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  • Escape at Dannemora

    Escape at Dannemora


    Really enjoyed what Ben Stiller did behind the camera with this because it’s such a pretty simple story that could have just been a movie of the week but luckily, along with all the actors, Stiller does plenty to elevate the material. 
    As great as Stiller is behind the camera it’s everyone who is front that make every moment worth the watch. Del Toro is like a mass that just moves through everything, it’s surprising he can be locked in…

  • Streets of Fire

    Streets of Fire


    I am very surprised that more people don’t talk about this film or that I don’t see it on more lists because Walter Hill does a fantastic job of creating this dark, fantasy world that really feels like a fairy tale. You have Diane Lane playing a rock n roll princess and Michael Paré as the rough and tumble Han Solo hero type and Willem Dafoe as the nasty little greaser villain with all the quirky characters that come in…

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  • Mandy



    Imagine John Carpenter, Sam Raimi, and George Miller took a ton of acid and started a black metal band that played horror rock opera songs about Goblins, Warlocks, and Cosmic Darkness and those songs manifested themselves visually into a full blown acid fever dream revenge movie that feels like a VHS tape soaked in blood that gives Nicholas Cage the role he was born to play allowing him to exercise every one of his best acting muscles, going from dramatic…

  • Kong: Skull Island

    Kong: Skull Island


    Peter Jacksons Kong was a spider monkey, in scope and film quality, compared to what Jordan Vogt-Roberts was able to do with his version of Kong. It's got laughs, adventure, it throws you in it right from the beginning and it's filled with scenes and moments that will make you jump for joy knowing Vogt-Roberts is lined up to direct Metal Gear Solid. 
    All the characters are pretty cliche for a film like this but they are played well enough…