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This review may contain spoilers.

Frances Ha is a charming film about a young woman who is not only trying to figure out life, she is still trying to figure out herself. Most of us have felt out of place or abnormal around others. During conversations with strangers, our minds wander and we say stupid or nonsensical things because we get caught up in trying to be someone we're not. This feeling is perfectly captured in a highly uncomfortable, yet entertaining dinner scene. Frances is the epitome of awkwardness and the viewer sympathizes with her and all of her cringey moments. However, the best aspect of her character is that she stays so positive and happy about life, almost as if she knows it will all work out eventually.

There's a great deal of wandering in this movie too. Frances wanders off to Sacramento to stay with her parents. Frances wanders to Paris to meet up with a friend she ultimately never meets up with. Frances wanders to her old school and temporarily becomes a waitress. Some of this wandering gets a bit tiresome. Ultimately, she finds her groove, and best of all, she patches things up with her best friend. One can sense that from this moment on they will be lifelong friends and that Frances, though a work in progress, will be just fine.

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