2046 ★★★★

In 2046, WKW takes everything one step further. The film is more fragmented. The film is even lonelier. The film is even hotter. Did we need WKW taking it a step further? I don't know, but it's fun to see him trying out.

WKW has compared the way that he builds a film with a tree. You plant a seed, and have certain expectations of how it will grow. After some time, branches grow off it. You study them. Some of the branches you didn't expect, but you like them. Others you did expect, but they let down. WKW's films are the same. He plants an idea and observes where it takes him. Some branches work, others don't. But when one works, it might develop little sub-branches, and the story progresses into areas that you couldn't have imagined at first. In that respect, a film's narrative becomes a living organism, it transforms and grows, just like trees or humans transform and grow over time, and we don't know where they will grow into.

2046 shows this process. The film provides some characters we know from other WKW films and other new ones. Some migrate away from the narrative and others take place at the centre (only to migrate later on). That is life. We fall in love with people and break up. Then, they often disappear from our lives. At a certain moment in our lives, we have one specific friend that we consider our best friend. Ten or twenty years later, we might have lost track of him/her at all. 2046 weaves itself through these moments in our lives, and observes how we make bonds, and break them; we may live among groups of people, but the only ones that are present from the beginning till the end are we ourselves.

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