Burning ★★★★½

I'm not exaggerating here in saying that Burning is right up there with the best films of the decade. It manages to take the best elements out of the short Murakami story 'Barn Burning', and makes out of it something extremely cinematic.

Many people are complaining that films are becoming increasingly longer. I myself am not very bothered by it, but I can promise to those that are, that Burning is worth all of its screening time. It flows by just as easily as a Murakami reads.

It's not very hard to read through the social commentary, but what I was most affected by were the tiniest elements that somehow creeped up to me, without particular reason. Sometimes the look on someones face changes, without it being motivated by the scene; or there's a moment where the camera moves smoothly on a steadicam, and suddenly there is cut away to a mounted camera position of another angle, only for the scene to continue on the steadicam moments later. It's these disorienting moments that are spread throughout the picture, on smaller and bigger scales, and this always keeps the audience on the move, trying to anticipate the film's treacherous structure.

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