Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★½

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I really did not dig this one. It is waaaayyy too 90's and I cannot deal.

Like, it's actually pretty good but then at the same time it kind of drops the ball in a few ways. It never really did anything with it's (admittedly interesting) ideas and themes and I'm just left sitting here wondering the point even is. I also feel like this movie talks a lot of smack on conventional horror sequels while not actually doing anything to elevate it above film of that nature besides shoe-horning in a few shallow talking points.

Despite this movie's quirky "I'm not like most horror sequels" attitude it still feels pretty typical and can be pretty unintentionally silly at points. In particular there are a good handful of silly moments that are caused by flat line deliveries and sub par takes. And a few of the performances are pretty lackluster as a whole.

Meh, not feeling it. Was never a huge fan of this franchise anyway tbh. :/ 5/10

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