Scream ★★★


Gets an additional -.1 for all the egregious advertising. As well as having a gas stove in the kitchen during the Climax. Companies like Shell and ExxonMobil give pay outs to Instagram influencers for normalizing and even praising the use of gas stoves over electric. The transition to renewables is not a joke, get in line or get shit on, dork.

By the way I think the term you were looking for is "legasequel" I've literally never heard anyone say requel in my entire life. There are sequels, prequels, remakes, reboots, soft-reboots and legasequels. And honestly the line between those things can get kinda blurry already.

I liked this more than the original sequels tbh. I never found their commentary to be too poignant or fun. For some reason this one hit me good tho. Maybe because the OG sequels' commentary was already passé by the time they landed on my plate? Idk. Gonna re-watch like next year or something, idk, whatever.

Glad Mindy survived, she was the stoned slasher fan representation I've been needing in cinema.

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