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  • Ford v Ferrari

    Ford v Ferrari


    This is the most dad movie ever. It will be on TV for 4-5 hours with commercials every Sunday for the rest of eternity. It's a little too celebratory towards American male ingenuity and unfettered capitalism, even when it's willing to turn around and criticize those things and show their failings. Regardless, this movie fucking rules and I will not hear otherwise.

  • 1917



    I think this movie is probably a 5-star affair, but having the ending robbed from me by seeing it over and over and over again in promotional material made it basically impossible to appreciate. I was mostly distracted and angry at the end.

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  • Emma.



    Emma is a real piece of shit. This is a movie about her. It's pretty hilarious. Didn't think I'd be so invested in a movie in this kind of setting but it was great.

  • Parasite



    One of the sharpest commentaries on class structure ever committed to film. And not because it's incredibly subtle, but because it is blatant and doesn't hesitate to twist the knife further. Everyone I've recommended this to gets it.