The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★½

Oh i really shouldn't like this movie at all. It's so vastly different from the nightmarish first and works more as a dark comedy. I don't like imagining it as taking place in the same universe as the first movie but... Well this movie in it's own right works BRILLIANTLY!

The story takes place twelve years after the first, and immediately we're introduced to our main character. Her name is 'Stretch', and fuck me, she is so hot. She's a radio host who is tormented by two prank teenagers, only for them to eventually be killed live on the station. Dennis Hopper plays a Lieutenant who is looking for vengeance for the kids killed in the first movie. We call him 'Lefty'. One thing leads to another, and we see kidnapping, crazy shit going down, beautifully macabre imagery and set pieces, as well as a fantastic chainsaw duel which beats any lightsaber duel i ever saw!

This movie does and doesn't work well as a sequel. It's really fucking cool, has brilliant colorful characters, it's made brilliantly, it has suspense and even mild horror, but... It's just too silly to be in the same universe as the original. I guess, the best thing you can do when watching this is just not to think about its place as a sequel. Pop it in (I suggest getting the Arrow release) and watch the magic unfold. It's bizarre, action packed, funny, gory, and just a REALLY fun time. Fantastic film making if i ever saw it, and this stands on its own.

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