John Wick: Chapter 4

John Wick: Chapter 4 ★★★

When it comes to acclaimed modern over the top action blockbusters, I fear I was spoiled by RRR. Something about the self seriousness of RRR works beautifully where with John Wick Chapter 4 it can be grating at worst, serviceable at best. RRR grounded itself in some semblance of a real world. There were romantic interests, side characters, something to live for. John Wick is neck deep in dreariness, all of its characters trudge through life only in pursuit of death, for others and themselves. What does this gloominess achieve? What benefit does this nihilism provide to our fun night at the theater? Save for one great moment of physical comedy, the audience was silent throughout John Wick. As RRR went on, the audience only grew more and more boisterous. Each and every kill earning audible gasps and laughs. RRR had a phenomenal way of letting you know it’s okay to laugh, and it’s okay to have as much fun as you damn well please, and it did this through clenched fists and snarled teeth no less. John Wick refuses us the slightest chance to let loose, as it reassures us over and over again that there is only pain and death and revenge and hate. The heroes of RRR were exactly that, heroes, cheering for them was cheering for hope and redemption and good. Cheering for John Wick feels like cheering at a funeral.

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