Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

When you put Solo into context and look at all the shit the film went through during the production stage it’s a wonder that what was given to the audience was this alright. It does nothing groundbreaking within the Star Wars universe, it’s just a pretty fun flick. It does however speak volumes that the elements of the film I gasped at or got goosebumps from were elements we’ve already seen in Star Wars (the Falcon, the character reveal towards the end). 

Ehrenreich is actually pretty good as Han but he isn’t a patch on Harrison Ford but was he ever going to be? Emilia Clarke is once again just ok, she struggles in roles that aren’t Daenerys. Donald Glover is immense as Lando! Can’t wait to see what they do with him in further films. 

My biggest issue with the film as a whole is with it being a prequel, I never felt worried about the core characters because we know they make it further down the line. It’s the same with setting up a sort of romance between Han and Qi’ra, we know he ends up with his beloved Leia and I personally never felt anything with them both.

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