Hereditary ★★★★½

Above all else, Hereditary is a deeply upsetting and unsettling horror film led by a powerful performance by Toni Collette. The depictions of dealing with loss and grief are raw and horrifying.
I lost count of the number of times I felt chills course through my body. 

That being said, by the time the final act comes around the film does begin to feel like it’s dragging a bit. There are also some visuals that were met with a handful of laughs by the audience instead of frightened reactions. And while this did take me out of the seriousness of the film, the overall tone of dread is still mostly maintained for a good majority of the story. 

Rather than trying to outright terrify the audience with jump scares and gore, the film presents its horror as deeply rooted in familial connections, whether it be through trauma, guilt, or grief. And because of this, the horror feels real and certainly made my blood run cold.

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