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  • Pee-wee's Big Adventure
  • The Great Muppet Caper
  • True Stories
  • Journey to the Beginning of Time

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  • Eagleheart: Paradise Rising

  • Claudine


  • Green Room


  • The Graduate


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  • Eagleheart: Paradise Rising

    Eagleheart: Paradise Rising

    A genuine triumph (I made an enthusiastic “umph!” noise at least three times per episode) 

    Chris Elliott EASILY in the top 10 funniest people ever. If you can make me laugh just by staring into space, you’ve got the goods, baby. Dude wields his dopiness like a deadly weapon, and he’s waving it at you point blank in this. Hats off.

  • Claudine



    Are there any better words in the English language than “Soundtrack Composed By Gladys Knight and the Pips” 

    Lots more scenes with Austin Powers “cleverly cover up nudity with household objects” than I anticipated! 

    Also, it has a scene where James Earl Jones is somehow getting his ass kicked by a teenager, and he’s just kinda taking it, but he’s also talking like James Earl Jones. You don’t expect that voice to come out of someone getting willingly pummeled.

    Man, has there ever been a bad movie about a garbage man? I think not!

Popular reviews

  • Rat Race

    Rat Race

    ♫ ♪♫

    Seth Green, Mr. Bean

    Cuba Gooding’s Lucy scene.

    Kathy Bates, Amy Smart,

    Newman with a transplant heart.

    2 million dollar goal

    Breckin Meyer, starring role,

    Lovitz driving Hitler’s car, 

    John Cleese marking where they are,


    pierced goon,

    cow hangs from an air balloon.

    Whoopi G! 

    Locker key!  


    We didn’t start the Rat Race!

    It was always blastin’

    since ensemble castin’!

    We didn’t start the Rat Race!

    But I’d watch it today

    If I owned the Blu-ray!

    ♫ ♪♫

  • The Blob

    The Blob


    Folks, it’s official: I would like to taste the Blob