Spider-Man ★★★★★

Spider-man (2002) movie review

Directed by Sam Raimi

Staring Tobey maguire Willem dafoe kirsten dunst James franco j.k simmons with Cliff robbsion And rosemary haris

Rated 12

Reviewed By Joe Walters

In the early 2000s Sony were interested in making a Spider-man movie but most directors turned it down not really knowing about the character or thinking that Superhero Movies where a dieing breed They offered it to Sam Raimi And he said yes because he loves the character And was Gained full control of the character in 2001 Tobey maguire was cast and the rest is history

The story
After nerdy high school student Peter parker is bitten by a radioactive Spider he gains Superpowers And after the tragic death of his beloved Uncle ben he must learn that with great power comes great responsibility

The good
(Disclaimer I'm going to be very biased because I love these movies and I l'm sorry if you think I'm going to rip into them not here ladies and gentlemen)

Let's just start off with the acting Tobey maguire is perfectly cast as this character He looks like him and his great as him And you really believe in him as the character as the character is so relatable He has such a warm and chram to him he's great everyone else is great too essapacily Willem dafoe as Norman osborne/green goblin he brings a strange but incredible presents to the character and really makes it his own James franco is pretty good as harry osborne the son of Norman but he's probably the weakest In the bunch sill good but doesn't really have a lot to do in it but I appreciate that it's part of his 3 film Arch J.k simmons is great obviously not much I can add that hasn't all ready been said he is funny and delightful to watch we can't go without talking about the wonderful rosemary haris and Cliff robbsion are so great as aunt may and uncle ben they have a warm and nice feeling to them they feel like nan and grandad The action here is pretty good not a lot to unpack the final fight is great and bloody which I love,the score is amazing and Heroic it has all the heroic themes and isn't afraid to get dark

The mixed
I'm not a massive fan of kirsten dunsts Mary Jane it's a good performance I just don't really like her character in this but I can look past it

Spider-man is a masterpiece it was a great step for superhero films and today is still the best origin movie And kick started my favorite trilogy of all time of course Spider-man gets a
What does everyone think of it let me know
And join me later for spider-man 2