American Honey

American Honey ★★★½

Star, a headstrong teenager from a broken Texan home, runs from it all to join a travelling band of magazine sales agents, all from similar desperate backgrounds. Along the way she experiences romance, responsibility and a sense of belonging, as well as the darker side of all three. I put off watching this for a long time due to the near three-hour duration; it would be an investment of time and I’d need to be in the right frame of mind for it. Having now absorbed it I can say it was an engrossing watch but one that was slightly expected from the small amount of footage I’d already consumed. It’s a good film and the lead, Sasha Lane is magnetic throughout, as is Riley Keough and Shia. All three play off one another very effectively. I would question, however, that it had to be the length it was, as much of the run time is taken up by observatory scenes in the groups minibus as they sing along with various musical numbers. My other key criticism is that I didn’t recognise a full character arc; I learned nothing new about any of the forefront characters at the end of the movie that I didn’t already know an hour in. But it was time well spent for 80% of the time, as the film does a great job of enveloping you in its world, which felt very real.

“I think the devil has a hold of your daughter.”