The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

Had such high hopes for this as I love me some grit lit. My anticipation then cooled at the news this would be a Netflix joint. But that disappointment was a blessing in disguise as it lowered my expectations and gave this an opportunity to pleasantly surprise. Which it did.

Suffers from the usual overlighting and technical vanillafication that Netflix originals tend to suffer from, nothing overly stellar to write home about on the technical front, but the storyline, the characters, the performances, the brutality... it's relentless at times. True to the genre.

Points also lost for a score that could have been more emotive and a narrator that was unnecessary and detractive (would really love to be able to watch this back without that track, would've improved the entire piece).

Points also gained for the poster of the year.