Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★

I really wanted to love this
But despite its beautiful scenery and its gorgeous soundtrack, and some brilliants lines of dialogue here and there it simply didn't click with me
to put it imply, I didn't buy the main romance between the two protagonists, I felt no chemsitry whatsoever
Maybe I'm just dead inside and my heart is but a hollow carcass, but then again I cried watching Coco and even teared up in professor mastertson so I don't think that's it
but people love this and i'm happy about that, it's a movie that deserves to be loved
as for me, i'm just a guy who can't get past the creepy statutorial rapiness of this whole affair and found that the romance happened because the writers said it happened not becausethere was a proper connexion between the characters that ultimately drew them togethe.

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