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  • Epilogue



    Ever so grateful for Daft Punk to bless us with their songs all this while. They have certainly cemented their legacy and I hope they'll live out the rest of their lives happily. Treasuring their songs even more so than usual ❀️

  • Broken Arrow

    Broken Arrow


    This really be the jam. Yeah sure, Woo's flair isn't as evident as their HK films, they're more in their workman mode here but they still make everything just clicks perfectly. Travolta hamming tf up, Slater works as the straight person, Zimmer's score that evokes Morricone (dat guitar riff!) and cheesy lines that makes me want to punch the air. John Woo's films are heaven sent <3

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  • The Platform

    The Platform


    An eerily timely movie that, not so subtly, conveys about class struggle, inequality and solidarity. Despite wearing its messages on its sleeve, I found myself engaged throughout the run time.

    Also who knew within the context of the movie that saying "Goreng saved panna cotta" actually makes sense?

  • Tigertail



    There's pain and loneliness when it comes to immigrating, settling down in a place where you don't know anybody nor the language. The hard work you've got to put through to make the journey worthwhile and fruitful. It's an universal feeling I believe that you want to show respect towards your parents hard work but it's easier say than done. Sometimes words won't simply cut it because how does a phrase such as "Thank you" display the full appreciation you…