Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★★

I still remember the time I felt after the first viewing. This was unlike any Star Wars movie I've seen before both good and bad. There were expectations that I've built in my head about what the movie will do but Rian Johnson shatters it completely. It left me with a lasting impression to say the least. Upon repeated viewings thereafter I fell in love with the film.

The greatest teacher failure is

Characters development and their abilities to learn from their fears and failures was at the forefront of TLJ. As ESB taught the OG trio some lessons, TLJ taught the new heroes important lesson; Poe to act less reckless and consider the heavy cost of war; Finn that he cannot always run away from his problems and to take a stand for something other than himself; Rey dealing with her fear that she doesn't belong anywhere by rejecting the security that Kylo offers because of her own moral code.

With each new viewing I fall in love once again, there's always something that I gain from it. My passion for Star Wars has been rekindled.

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