Tenet ★★★★½

Absolutely love that Christopher Nolan did this shit. It almost makes me laugh to think that he heard the criticisms for his other movies, namely the “too much exposition” complaint levelled at Interstellar and Inception, and decided to double down by making one of the most disorienting and unforgiving movies Ive ever seen. Almost seems like this was done out of spite, which is just awesome. It’s even funnier to think that the movie preceding this one, Dunkirk, was in many ways his most bare bones experiment to date (and he received overwhelming acclaim for that decision, I may add). The fact that he came back with Tenet is just downright hilarious. 

Anyways the movie fucking rips even if I still don’t totally understand what the hell was going on (although I did much better this time around), and the bromance between John David and R Pats is one for the ages. I fucking loved it.

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