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  • Lost in Transit

    Lost in Transit

    God I loved this so much. Sam, I don’t know you but you are such a talent!

  • Twilight



    Team Charlie

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  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    “Will God Forgive Us”

    Catholicism and filmmaking have not met eye to eye with one another, each film has come off as preachy or straight up offensive on not understanding what the religion truly signifies. First Reformed is more than your typical “religious movie” it is a cathartic and at times agony inducing experience. The film follows Reverend Toller, a man who seemly has lost all hope for humanity; he has faith in his religion but also has lost faith…

  • Primer



    Primer displays one of the strongest debuts from any writer/director. Director/writer and star Shane Carruth displays the scientific aspect of time travel. While this film is filled with science jargon not seen to the public eye; the pure ambition of making a grounded science fiction story without sounding out of this world is astonishing. The acting is stellar and the camera work is great. Shane uses his micro-budget wisely without it making it look too cheap 

    Shane Carruth truly is one of the greatest singular artists of our generation!