Burning ★★★★★

Burning is directed by Lee Chang Dong and tells the story of two friends as one leaves for Africa but returns with a friend she met named Ben, that's all I'm gonna say to not discus spoilers. Burning is a slow burn (ah get it) of a film but it takes it's time developing these characters. The cinematography is fantastic, giving one of the best cinematography of 2018. It comes off as a show don't tell movie because there are some scenes were the audience needs to piece together what is going on. Steven Yeun gave a excellent performance but took ne a bit to adapt to his South Korean accent, I enjoyed watching him on screen. His character is so poetic but also hypnotic as well. The other actors give a shy a quiet and subtle performances and you further understand who these characters are once the story kicks in. My only problem is that the characters though likeable, I didnt really connect with. But nonetheless this is still an impressive film from Lee Chang Dong and I cannot wait to watch his other films


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