Satantango ★★★★★

Satantango has always been that film that I have heard about but will never actually watch due to its overly long run time of 7hrs and 30mins. However, upon watching I have noticed that as the viewer, you do not really feel it. The weight of that film really comes at the end when everything you have just witnessed is placed onto you on a silver platter, waiting for you to dig deep. Enough with the runtime, how is the film? Satantango is unlike anything that I have ever seen; it is a bleak, melancholic, depressing and at times brutal display of a crumbling location and what people will do to survive. Tarr captures this through slow and hypnotic camera movement that captures the mundanity of it all. The cinematography accompanying the haunting score is dreary and painstaking and tests your patience, and that's what I love about it. I was thinking about the pacing of David Lynch's The Return, after watching this. Like that film, it tests the audience of the viewer while also having many satisfying moments for the characters and eye candy for the audience to chew on. The acting feels very naturalistic and I had no problem with the film's pacing whatsoever.

Satantango is a brilliant piece of storytelling, it joins the ranks of The Return as my favorite for of artistic storytelling. I have a hard time recommending this to many but for those that have been putting it off for sometime, I could not recommend it enough.


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