Tenet ★★★★★

While many around the world are stuck at home, finding what new things to watch during watch. Christopher Nolan is going out of his way to force cinemas to reopen to see his latest. Tenet places writer/director Christopher Nolan back to his roots, a confusing film dealing with time. While this film is convoluted at times, I have to applaud Nolan for pulling off this incredible film. This film is magnificent! The stunts and visuals pulled off here are things action fans dream of and will be talked about for years on end. The acting by the cast is great and the writing was solid. The score was outstanding, I hope Ludwig and Nolan collaborate for future projects. The editing was seamless and was perfect. This film acts as Michael Mann’s Miami Vice, a film where you are dropped in knowing nothing but expect a wild ride and the action is reminiscent of The Matrix Reloaded. This film definitely will not work for many and will become his most divisive film but I loved this and cannot wait for further rewatches. 


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