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  • Waves



    before i elaborate on Waves, i just want to say that i know many love this film. i know many think this one of 2019’s best and i am completely wrong about opinion. if you want to keep reading this “rant” you are more than welcome to. now lets begin 

    Waves is a film i was decently excited for, i was originally a Trey Edward Schultz fan, i thought he was a new voice in the filmmaking industry. my first…

  • Rock



    Why did I watch this twice

  • Airplane Mode

    Airplane Mode


    Easily the worst of 2019, this was dreadful. Everything about this film is terrible. The acting by EVERYONE is abysmal. The writing is either crazy raunchy jokes or it being flat out racist. The characters are so 2 Dimensional it hurts. The editing is incomprehensible. The direction is all over the place. This film just riles on it being about social media.

    Goddamn this is headache inducing


  • Cyberbully



    One of the funniest movies I've ever seen, and I'm not joking. It tries so SO hard to be subtle and it fails. Its so cliche and insane. The main characters are thoroughly unlikable and literally cannot take no for an answer. The acting is so over the top and insane that its comical. The writing is so bad no wonder it was a TV movie. And for God sake the cinematography and lighting is so bad


  • Megan Is Missing

    Megan Is Missing


    This "film" I don't know what to call it has:
    -the worst acting
    -the worst writing
    -the worst cinematography
    -the worst lighting
    -the worst editing
    -the worst "characters"
    -the worst logic
    This might be the worst movie I've ever seen, I have one giant headache from this. Please don't watch it. Only good part is that the run time is 1hr and 25 mins


  • Battlefield Earth

    Battlefield Earth


    Never has a film gave me both a headache and a neck cramp


  • #Horror



    *The director's pitch to the studio*
    Director: I wanna make my own interpretation of enter the void but in my own take on it.

    Studio: But why, its a modern masterpiece

    Director: I want to make a new horror film like enter the void for the kids


  • No One Would Tell

    No One Would Tell


    Watching this in health class, I can't tell if this is unintentionally funny or just entertainingly bad

    Fred Savage being in it and overreacting to everything gets a half a star for me

  • Skin



    probably the funniest thing I've seen, my god

  • Transformers: The Last Knight

    Transformers: The Last Knight


    We made it guys the fifth installment to this long runtime franchise! Also its Micheal Bay's last movie. I have no words to explain how utter garbage this movie is. Trust me going into this I thought it wasn't going to be that bad but I was dead wrong. There isn't even a plot let's call it a "series of events". This was the worst in the franchise hell one of the worst movies of the year. Anthony Hopkins was…

  • Nine Lives

    Nine Lives


    Nine lives or should I say Nine pieces of crap. This movie is basically the premise for The Shaggy Dog but with the director of Men in Black. Yes you heard me the director of men in black made this garbage. I feel bad for Kevin Spacey Bc his performance was just it's like Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill bad. And it's funny 75% of the movie was business meetings and for a kids movie!! And tbh even the…