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  • Broadway Melody of 1940

    Broadway Melody of 1940


    Despite how many times I’ve watched the starry Powell & Astaire dance number through out-of-context Youtube clips (and witnessed the visual references in recent films like La La Land and The Shape of Water), the experience of viewing the whole film for the first time is honestly magical. My serotonin levels are very thankful for this movie.


  • Three Guys Named Mike

    Three Guys Named Mike


    I can't believe a film called "Three Guys Named Mike" actually passes the bechdel test.

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  • Her



    One thing I didn’t pay much attention to through all my rewatches in the past 4 years is how this film opens and closes with Theodore’s letters. The first one being an impersonal, distant version of him, a letter disguised as a form of intimacy and connection— but it’s all fake. We grow even more apart in this world despite its crowds of people and vast cityscapes, and the longing for something real is so overwhelming. Theodore embodies this longing so deeply, but, by his last letter, the beautiful words he writes ring true because he’s lived them.

    Spike Jonze, please pay for my therapy bills.

  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel

    “Don’t make me do it.”

    It’s kind of hilarious that the dudebros’ chief complaint about this film—beyond, you know, the overall sexist comments— for months and months cited Brie Larson’s supposed “emotionless and wooden" acting, when, in fact:

    1) The film directly addresses how much of Carol’s life is dictated by people trying to regulate her emotions.

    2) Brie Larson can deliver so much dismissiveness, humor, and dominance in one single "okay" than most actors are capable of in entire feature-length performances.