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  • Lydia


    "I entered the room as one enters in a dream— walking on air..."

    My goodness, this was beautiful. Haunting and transcendent with all its ruffles and sweeping shots. This film treats flashbacks like dreams— chasing memories that have already disappeared. Merle Oberon is sublime.

  • The Towering Inferno

    The Towering Inferno

    I don't even care that every actor was just here for a paycheck, this was honestly great!! Any movie that has opening credits with names like "Jennifer Jones" dissolving into "O.J. Simpson" is bound to be a ride.

  • Penthouse


    “Oh, I’ve been stupid. Very stupid.”
    “Of course. You’re a man.”

  • No Man of Her Own

    No Man of Her Own

    The shot of Carole Lombard showering behind a foggy glass door was gratuitous, but the same exact shot of Clark Gable showering behind a foggy glass door made it equality.

  • Blondie of the Follies

    Blondie of the Follies

    Gay, made even gayer by Marion Davies doing a Garbo Grand Hotel impression for absolutely no reason.

  • The Scarlet Letter

    The Scarlet Letter


  • The Big Knife

    The Big Knife

    Every single performance in this film verges from realism to extreme camp— it's so jarring, but I actually kinda like it!! I cannot stop thinking about Wendell Corey calling Jack Palance "Kitty" every three seconds.

  • Grand Prix

    Grand Prix

    🎵 overture 🎵 🚗 spectacular racing scene 😀🏁 boring hetero drama 😩👫 🚗 spectacular racing scene 😀🏁 françoise hardy looking beautiful 😍 boring hetero drama 😩👫 i sleep 😴 🎵 intermission 🎵 😮 google informs me that Jessica Walter is Lucille Bluth from arrested development 😮 more boring hetero drama 😩👫 💭 "I mean, it's one banana, Michael. What could it cost, ten dollars?" 💭 🚗 spectacular racing scene 😀🏁

  • Storm Center

    Storm Center

    Well, if you ever wanted to see Centrist Hollywood's view of McCarthyism and Communism, this is it. I can't really be too mad, because I suppose the only way they were allowed to talk so bluntly about these topics is through the caveat of denouncing communism completely, but I much prefer the subtle subversiveness of other anti-McCarthyism films made by actual blacklisted individuals during this time. Storm Center is just a well-intentioned, liberal fantasy, devoid of real quality.

    Two things…

  • Secrets


    No exaggeration, this has the weirdest tonal shifts I've ever seen in a movie! A Lot happens, but my main takeaway is that I quite like Mary Pickford as an actress. She carries over some silent acting tendencies (don't have much of a reference to go on though, seeing as this is my first Pickford movie), and she seems to grow into the role, especially during the gunfight western scenes (again, A Lot happens in this one).

  • Cowboy


    I know A LOT of westerns can be interpreted with gay subtext, but .... this is seriously so gay, not even subtext. They try to include a heterosexual romance to throw that interpretation off, but it's just so artificial and surface-level, it makes me laugh!!

  • The Shining Hour

    The Shining Hour


    Like a Rebecca sans the gothic elements. I might be making it sound cooler than it really is, because in actuality the drama in this film is pretty tiresome. There's absolutely no chemistry between Joan Crawford and either of her leading men, and it's only really worth watching to see Joan and her giant shoulder pads carry Margaret Sullavan out of a burning building.