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  • The More the Merrier

    The More the Merrier


    Currently high on all the yearning and the soft lighting and the one-take conversations and Joel McCrea gently caressing Jean Arthur’s shoulders and Jean Arthur grabbing Joel McCrea’s face when they kiss and "FULL SPEED AHEAD" and Jean Arthur crying away atop a plate of catfish and rice on her wedding day. Movies are wonderful.

  • Blind Alley

    Blind Alley

    I think it’s just sort of inevitable that any classic Hollywood movie about psychology is going to be dated and kind of corny. Sigmund Freud had all the easy answers, apparently. However, this was a really interesting watch regardless! It feels a lot more successful than Hitchcock’s Spellbound (which came six years later) in examining the psychology of dreams. And better at suspense, too 😅

  • Vera Cruz

    Vera Cruz

    Cinema doesn't get any better than watching Gary Cooper’s face fall every time he's reminded that the confederacy lost 👆🏽👌🏽

  • Affair in Trinidad

    Affair in Trinidad


    So obviously a Notorious (1946) knockoff that it's actually sort of commendable— stole the plot right down to the party scene and the missing key. Rita Hayworth is also a standout, as always!! All the Jean Louis gowns she wears are to die for.


  • Violent Saturday

    Violent Saturday


    Nothing beats the look of 1950s color films— Violent Saturday especially has the glossy, mid-decade color that paints everything so vividly. That’s really the main attraction for me here, because the rest of the film is surprisingly pure melodrama. None of the storylines bar the bank robbery really resonate on a deep level (the peeping tom one is so bad!!), and the titular Saturday is kinda anticlimactic I have to say…

  • Winning



    A weird film, but not a total waste of two hours. At least I got to see Paul Newman punch Robert Wagner in the face.

  • Party Wire

    Party Wire


    Starts off quite playful, but ends up being a pretty sobering look at how gossip in a small town quickly turns to cruelty. Jean Arthur is a vision of springtime in this film, and I absolutely hate seeing her upset. Anyone who makes Jean Arthur cry deserves jail time I think.

  • Cactus Flower

    Cactus Flower


    Between this and Indiscreet (1958), I need more comedies involving Ingrid Bergman, Ingrid Bergman dancing, and Ingrid Bergman getting into schemes with bachelors who are pretending to be married men.

  • 3:10 to Yuma

    3:10 to Yuma


    It probably wasn’t the best idea to have watched this when I was so tired—the slowness in the beginning felt even more sluggish to my worn-out eyes— but the scenes between Glenn Ford and Van Heflin in the hotel were so engaging! They're both such wildly underrated actors. And I'm kind of obsessed with interpreting the dynamic of their relationship as a love story? Although, after doing some googling and seeing the first search result link a 2007 article entitled…

  • Anna Christie

    Anna Christie


    Garbo talks! And not only that, it's through the wonderful words of screenwriter Frances Marion! I was only really interested in watching this film because of these two ladies, so I'm satisfied in that regard, even if the end product is kinda dull.

  • Cool Hand Luke

    Cool Hand Luke


    I’m currently halfway through Paul Newman’s chronological filmography, and here I’ve landed on my introduction to him, some nine-odd years ago, and one of my first exposures to classic cinema, ever. Before I sought out more of his work many, many years later, this was always the version of Paul Newman I’ve had in my head—blue-eyed, rough around the edges, impossibly beautiful. He’s an open book, but I couldn’t seem to quite get a hold of what his acting was…

  • Torn Curtain

    Torn Curtain


    I love Paul Newman and Julie Andrews' lack of chemistry, go generic white couple give us nothing!