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  • Murder Mystery

    Murder Mystery


    Another addition to Gemma Arterton’s long-suffering filmography. Girl, I’ll help you find a better agent if you promise to never force me to endure another Adam Sandler Netflix movie ever again!

  • Tamara Drewe

    Tamara Drewe


    All the people involved in this film were like, “How do we make our shitty film even worse?” And then one person suddenly answers, “I’ve got it! Why don't we also kill a dog in the final act?”

    Congratulations, you just made your shitty film even worse!

  • A Countess from Hong Kong

    A Countess from Hong Kong


    badly acted, sloppily edited, not even remotely funny or charming. only reason i didn't turn it off 10 minutes in is because of my love for sophia loren and my faith in charlie chaplin. (i've been betrayed on both counts.)

  • The Boss

    The Boss


    i love melissa mccarthy but i'm tired of suffering through all her bad movies

  • Elle



    i love isabelle huppert and i still can't wrap my head around the fact that emma stone is gonna win an oscar before her... but this film was so messy

  • Very Good Girls

    Very Good Girls


    -cliche dialogue
    -uninteresting characters
    -the boy in this love triangle is the personification of moldy white bread


  • Accidental Love

    Accidental Love


    it was semi watchable for the first forty minutes?? then i watched the rest of the movie and the terrible reviews all made sense.


  • This Means War

    This Means War


    This was so damn painful to watch 80 percent of the time. The only thing this movie has got going for it is my love for Tom Hardy and a brief inclusion of Young Frankenstein in one of the scenes.