Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw ★★★½

David Leitch's latest entry in this long standing franchise does exactly what it says on the box. Big action scenes, charismatic characters, and a plot that doesn't care too much about realism. Ignoring the fact that Jason Statham's Shaw was a relentless killing machine in the seventh film, he and Dwayne Johnson have some great chemistry in the film. I couldn't help but feel that their dynamic was basically just Big Brawler and Bigger Brawler, but they bounce off one another with enough energy to make this 2+ hour story breeze by. Vanessa Kirby is also a worthy addition to this story, adding a much needed coolness to the ego-fueled leading pair.

The final sequence in Samoa was the most fun I had with the film. Not least because it seemed to go back to the analog car stuntwork that made the original so appealing, even if it escalates to some really crazy places. Leitch's history with great recent action films also adds some really exciting hand-to-hand fights to the film, even if Statham and Johnson fight with decidedly more raw strength than skill.

Those already not on board with this franchise aren't likely to be converted, but Hobbs & Shaw offers the same comfort blanket entertainment that long-term fans are after, alongside some new character additions that promise some new and exciting things to come.

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