Children of Heaven

Children of Heaven ★★★★

“Ali, how am I going to school without shoes tomorrow?”
- Zahra

The wonders of Majid Majidi are undeniably notable in his most noble piece of work, Children of Heaven. This film takes us through a journey that can be best explained as an uplifting and incredibly poignant retelling of family values and childhood innocence — a straightforward story yet effortlessly warm and tender. Ali, a young kid who have brought her little sister's shoe to a cobbler, accidentally loses it on the way home. The mission is to conceal it from their poverty-stricken father and their ill mother.

It is unpretentious, completely raw, and is just away from the grandiosity of Western Cinema. Children of Heaven flawlessly exemplifies the language of love, sacrifice, and determination, while camouflaging some themes of poverty and social class. My heart goes all the way to the charming young leads, Mir and Bahare. They are, without a doubt, charming and charismatic.

Iranian Cinema never fails to impress me, and this is undoubtedly one of those captivating ones that you can't fail to remember.



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