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  • Knick Knack

    Knick Knack


    Hello followers, thank you for giving comments and likes to my rankings and reviews so far. Today’s review is for Knick Knack, This short came out in 1989 the final year for high school for me and final year of film class In high school. Me and my class had a field trip on the Siggraphs film festival of 1990 to study computer animation and film for my last year of film class in high school. There were quite a…

  • Tin Toy

    Tin Toy


    The next short that I will be reviewing from Pixar is Tin Toy. Release in August of 1988 the year that I was a Eleventh grade in high school. Tin Toy I my opinion after reviewing two ok shorts to one classic short is in the middle. I went to the same film festival in 1988, My first thoughts and my friend thoughts were it was a great and improvement on Red”s dream. Then after thinking about that opinion, i…

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  • The Nice Guys

    The Nice Guys


    This film was one of the underrated comedy of 2016 and The screening for me was only 20 people which sucks because people miss the great main Duos In the film. The story and filmmakers of this film is great and the director did a great hardworking job making this movie. My only problem with the film is the villain which was pretty forgettable. Overall a great film and highly recommend watch this funny crime drama and I will give it a A

  • The Lovebirds

    The Lovebirds


    This is another late review from May 20-2020. The lovebird is a fine but forgettable Comedy on Netflix. The main two leads does a pretty good job working off each other in scenes and situations. The story is basic but works for a 80 minute movie. Some of the comedy jokes work well other jokes does not work well. The action was basic and not very fun. The main villain is forgettable and you do not remember him after watching…