Knick Knack ★★★★½

Hello followers, thank you for giving comments and likes to my rankings and reviews so far. Today’s review is for Knick Knack, This short came out in 1989 the final year for high school for me and final year of film class In high school. Me and my class had a field trip on the Siggraphs film festival of 1990 to study computer animation and film for my last year of film class in high school. There were quite a few short films and movies in the festival that were computer animation. Back then Knick Knack was my favorite out of the early Pixar lot of shorts and still my favorite to this day of early Pixar shorts. Know the pros with Knick Knack is the animation which was a improvement over the last couple of shorts before that Pixar made. Also the characters were very colorful and nice textures in the Knick shop and in on the tanks. Second pro is that they give a reason and traits to the snowman instead of being a bland unlikely main character. Another pro is that they give every character a trait of movement, feelings and other things in a short movie. Also the action of little with the showman is great and have some tension in the middle. Another pro is the music which is very calm and Hawaiian music which is nice and fits with the short very well. Know cons and I just have one which the animation is still very good but some scenes are outdated in the short. Another con is that I wish it was a little bit more longer. Overall Knick Knack is one of the classics in Pixar history, which this is a great short which has good but not great animation, Characters that have a trait or two, Music that fits the short and the location that the short fits, A good main character but has some outdated animation and choirs of been a little bit longer. I will give Knick Knack a 90% and a A-. Please if you want to leave a comment let me know your favorite early short film from Pixar history below.

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