Red's Dream ★★★

My third Pixar short film review which is going to be a short one get it short film. First of all the animation is kind of a improvement in 1987. I would say that this is the least memorable short in my opinion which hurts this short quite a bit from a classic. The opening of the short has a great concept but the execution is boring and back in 1987 when I was going into tenth grade, during time I was at a film festival. I did not like it then. Firstly I have some pros after some of the cons that I mentioned which are the characters which are fine a best. This short is harmless and cute for the whole runtime of four minutes but that it. The animation is a mixed bag in my opinion with some sky texture working, Characters design is better, the clown which people talks about is bad but this was in 1987 which was the one of the first animated shorts by computer animation so I am going to give it a pass. Overall my opinion from 1987 when I was in tenth grade was right and now it is the same. Red”s Dream is harmless and nice but it”s one of Pixar least memorable shorts during their history. I will give Red Dream a high C and a 55%. Also for references for this short their are little to none.

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