The Adventures of André and Wally B. ★★★

I am going to start a new review season rewatched on Pixar movies and short films before Soul comes out in December. I know I did  a Pixar movie and review ranking and also a onward review but here is my update reviews for Pixar movies and the reviews. The one that I am started it off is The Adventure of André and Wally B which came out in Late July in 84. During that month when I was in seventh grade in 1984, Me and my movie critic classmates went to a film festival that one of the first movies or shorts were this short. My first reaction to this short was it was simple but I never seen this before and it was one of the highlights In 1984 during that summer. The film festival was great but this one stick out of the rest. Now present day in my older middle age right now, I do think my opinion changed a bit for the better. My pons for This short is that their are little talking and more of the soft nice music. Another pro is that it is very short and for a simple story like this it is fine for this short but for others. The last pro is the two main characters the person and bee which were simple traits but had a bit of comedy in this 1 minute and 54 minute short. Now the cons, The animation back then in 1984 including me and my class was groundbreaking computer animation but now it does not hold up that well in 2020. I also feel like this is a short story and can make for a good remake for Disney to think about. Also maybe the runtime sGould be a minute and a half longer. Overall as a Seventh grader back then in 84, I thought it was groundbreaking but know I feel that it was alright and one of the weakest shorts in Pixar history with That harmless, cute with weak animation and a story that needed a minute or two to develop. This short gets a high C + and a 55 percent. On my critic class back in 84 I would rate this a A- and 92 percent 
Film festival event was from July 15 to July 23 1984, That summer in 1984 I was starting seventh grade.

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