The Lovebirds ★★★

This is another late review from May 20-2020. The lovebird is a fine but forgettable Comedy on Netflix. The main two leads does a pretty good job working off each other in scenes and situations. The story is basic but works for a 80 minute movie. Some of the comedy jokes work well other jokes does not work well. The action was basic and not very fun. The main villain is forgettable and you do not remember him after watching this comedy. Overall this is a fun but forgettable comedy at the end of the day. The best parts of the movie is the main two leads and most of the comedy jokes. I will recommend you this movie if looking for a date night or a comedy at night if else skip this movie. My rating is a 62% and a C+. April prediction without Netflix and COVID 19 happening is 15 to 30 million.

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