Tin Toy ★★★½

The next short that I will be reviewing from Pixar is Tin Toy. Release in August of 1988 the year that I was a Eleventh grade in high school. Tin Toy I my opinion after reviewing two ok shorts to one classic short is in the middle. I went to the same film festival in 1988, My first thoughts and my friend thoughts were it was a great and improvement on Red”s dream. Then after thinking about that opinion, i say it was good but not great. First the pons with Tin Toy, the story is simple but it works with this short for experimenting reasons. Also the two main characters have traits in a four minute short to be interesting in them. Also the short has a good message of friendship at the end and the toy flaws are improvement thought out the end of the short. One of the shorts big flaw is the animation, Back in High school film class in 1988, I thought computer animation on movies and shorts were great and invented. But know their dated with one big example Tin Toy with the baby and humans that looks like crap in these early computer animation shorts especially from Pixar but it was during those time so I respect what these guys and gals create. Overall Tin toy Is a improvement from red dream but it is not the best short but it was made to be fun with fun cartoon plot, characters that are likely. But needs a fix on the animation which Pixar improve throughout the decade and that great for Pixar. I will give for my third year in Film class in high school in 1988 a B+ but know in the present in 2020 I would give it a B- and a 70 percent. Next short is a one of my favorite shorts from Pixar Knick Knack.

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